2D Artist for video games, music videos and streaming.
I can provide character designs, illustrations and animations
for virtual streamer/youtuber, indie game companies and publishers.
email: [email protected]
Waitlist for April-May commissions are closed! If many people cancel their order, I will open them again. If not, I will open waitlist again in late May or early June. For work collaborations unrelated to vtubing, feel free to contact me.

Vtuber Commissions


Kira vtuber

• PSD file for rigging
• PNG art of your model
• Default smile/mouth open/closed
(for more, please inquire)


live2d rigg

• Face & Body Angles (XYZ)
• Hair/accessories Physics
• Idle/smile/open mouth shapes
• Eyes Physics
• Breathing Parameter

Commission TypeHalfbodyFullbody
Art Model400€600€
+ Extra clothes200€300€
+ Extra (tears, hands...)20€20€
Live2D rigg*400€600€
+ Extra animationsTBDTBD
Character Design (sketch)200€300€
Character Sheet200€300€

Prices listed are a base price for simple designs, Fees might apply for more detailed works.
*Live2D rigg only for my own art model. Rigging for other models will not be accepted. Rigging can be done in several parts along with payment plans if requested.
WAITING SCREEN 2D ANIMATIONSimple looping 2D animations can be requested.
Needs to be quoted, start at 500€.

Venti Animation

(Art or Art+Rigg)

Erumi vtuber
Yukizuri vtuber
Waffle vtuber
Sae vtuber
Archon vtuber

Illustrations COMMISSIONS

CELL SHADE (default)

anime fanart tsubomi

SOFT SHADE (add-on)

original anime art caftan
Commission TypeHeadshotHalfbodyFullbody
Character (single)50€100€200€
+ Additional character50€100€150€
+ Background (building,landscape)NA100€TBD
+ Soft shade50€100€150€
Chibi (single)NANA50€

These are samples of illustrations in anime-manga style you can commission. It includes cell-shaded and soft-shaded works. Some are mixed, always feel free to ask me about a specific piece for a quote. Sketch commissions may also be requested for half the price.


This is the current waiting list.Names are censored for privacy reasons.
Please contact me on my social medias @erumi_n
or by mail at [email protected] to be added.
I will contact each client on this list in numerical order.
I usually work by batch of 3 slots.
Slots availability can change depending commissions ordered.
If you have a strict deadline, please let me know.
If a client cancel their commission, I will contact the next client.
When a client pays for their commission, they are removed from this list.
If you have any question regarding this waiting list, please let me know.

All slots takenOne slot available


  • While a commission request is unlikely to be turned down, please be aware that something that isn't in my portfolio (furry, mecha) might not be something I can pull off, and proceeding with this commission will be your responsability. No refund will be possible.

  • I will start working on the commission once the payment is received.

  • Delivery time estimation is within 1 month once the full payment is received. If a delay happens, I will make sure to contact you and agree on a new deadline if possible.

  • If the commission has not been started, a refund can be requested. If the commission has been started, no refund will be possible. In the case that I must cancel the commission, you will be given a full or partial refund depending the commission's status.

  • All payments will be made via PayPal invoice in EUR. The invoice must be paid within 10 days. Payments plan can be requested.

  • You may ask for work-in-progress update at any given time while I am working on the commission. I will provide WIP for sketch and lineart for approval.

  • Significant retakes requests after sketch phase will incur a fee. Slight change of color hue or position is free of charge. No revisions can be made after final work has been delivered.

  • You must not edit, trace or claim/credit the commissioned artwork as your own. This includes additional clothes, or expressions by another artist or yourself. If these rules are broken, you will no longer have the right to use my art exclusively and for commercial use.

  • Vtuber models are for commercial, streaming-related use only, merchandising including the model art needs to be discussed beforehand. Commercial use for other use needs to be discussed beforehand too.

  • Your commission WIP may be shared with patreons with small previews. If your commission strictly needs to be under NDA, please discuss it with me beforehand.